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Second Issue Of Shine On Hollywood Magazine Launched Online


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Second Issue Of Shine On Hollywood Magazine Launched Online

Following the successful launch of Shine On Hollywood Magazine by FlipViewer, the free eMagazine for entertainment industry, A&G Entertainment Productions (AGEP Group) is today pleased to announce the immediate availability of the second issues of Shine On Hollywood Magazine.  Shine On Hollywood Magazine is completely free for readers and does not require registration. Shine On Hollywood Magazine has features on the best Hollywood celebrities.

HOLLYWOOD, CA, July 14, 2012 — The second issue of Shine On Hollywood Magazine was released online on Friday last week, according to Chief-In-Editor Arnold Garcia, founder of A&G Entertainment Productions and AGEP Group. The magazine is distributed exclusively online via the magazine’s website http://www.agepmusic.com/shineonmagazine.com.

“Were excited in a less than a week, “Shine On Hollywood” Magazine obtained 111,283 hits on Facebook. Amazingly these hits were generated without any advertising or marketing efforts. “We will move forward full force on marketing on July 10, 2012, we are hoping to reach up to over 500K hits”, says Garcia. So it’s full steam ahead, and we are excited to have the third issue out by the first week in August,” continued Garcia. “We feel that we now have some traction with the magazine and our readers.”

An exclusive e-magazine that showcases the best and most successful ideas from industry professionals from across all areas of consumer culture, including an exploration of the techniques behind the work and insight into the people and trends shaping these industries internationally.  We will provide the industry’s foremost creative meeting place with a monthly showcase, news, opinions, analysis, and audience feedback.  It will help bring the community together by introducing some of the most well recognized professional experts in the industry.  Exclusive interviews with celebrities and non-celebrities have provided some exceptional “tips” for our readers to use. There are a lot of young professionals who can take notes on their success!  That’s what Shine On Hollywood Magazine is all about, is to express the real world success to the general public and popular culture.

This second issue July features an assortment of featured artists by arts and pop culture professionals in the entertainment industry. Magazine cover: Asha Puthli, exclusive interview with the legendary Diva from the 70’s shared her experience in the music industry; Richard Adkins, a violinist shares his childhood love for his music; DJ Axis aka Johnny Randall, producer and DJ, expresses how Hollywood needs to taste his music; Kristen Commodore speaks about her personal experiences, gentrification, displacement, and finding the positive people and influences within in the community through her music; Brian Terry, owner of Britboy Fashion talks about his success and clothes designing; Parris Harris, a fashion  designer talks about how to be creative on a budget; Daniela Hubbard, Hollywood celebrity photographer talks about her success; Marian Keegan, a mother, author and successful businesswoman made the leap into self-employment that many dream of; and David Brownstein, one of Hollywood’s leading voices in the Entertainment industry, contributed the article.

Shine On Hollywood Magazine is published in a unique Dual Digital Platform. “It is available free of charge online in flash versions where you can actually flip pages like a print magazine,” said Garcia.

Shine On Hollywood Magazine is published monthly, and can be accessed in flash by visiting http://www.agepmusic.com/shineonmagazine. It is powered by FlipViewer, E-Book Systems Inc., Santa Clara, California-based custom publishing and marketing firm.

About A&G Entertainment Productions and AGEP Group
Founded in January 2006, A&G Entertainment Productions and AGEP Group are a Hollywood California based entertainment industry companies specializing in successfully providing undiscovered talent (musicians and artists) the opportunity to embark on a professional career path in the entertainment industry. AGEP’s goal is to help growing talent to overcome the numerous obstacles they encounter and to assist them in developing skill sets in all areas of the industry so they can rise to the top. The music industry is shifting toward a more entertainment oriented do it yourself (DIY) society thanks in part to the advent of the internet, technologically resources, tools, and social networking. The venue appeals to four major market segments:  young professionals, college students, tourists, business travelers, and senior citizens. AGEP is ready to help talented artists succeed in this challenging and changing music industry.

AGEP is engaged in development, marketing, and distribution as a one‐stop‐shop service solution and its corporate headquarters encompasses three separate divisions named: Bring It On, Shine On, A&G Records Music, and Shine On Magazine. The concept of A&G Entertainment Productions (AGEP) is to provide entertainment, education, and a solution house in Hollywood, CA. AGEP will provide: live entertainment, singing contests, showcases, industry solutions, seminars, fund raising events, community‐based courses in music and the arts, merchandise and educational services for the Hollywood and Los Angeles areas. AGEP’s plan is to develop amateur artists’ talents primarily through a point system that will assist the artist on industry knowledge and preparation. The points are earned through an internship that will provide mentorship, networking, exposure, branding, and growth. Through this system the artist will learn to EARN their fan base, build a reputable business, give back to the community, and mentor others to stay proactive, positive, and real.

About FlipViewers I FlipBooks by E-Book System
Founded in 1998, E-Book Systems is a Singapore-based software company specialized in providing software tools and services in the E-Publishing Market.  E-Book System’s solutions make use of its unique Digital Flip® technologies. More than 22 US patents have been issued with another 13 more pending for our technologies. Multimedia content and information such as digital photographs, text, music, PDFs etc can be presented in the form of “FlipBooks” using our solutions. The FlipBooks can be streamed and delivered both online and offline. E-Book Systems has several hundred customers ranging from publically listed companies to small businesses in the EU, US, AP, China, and Japan. E-Book Systems has offices in California, Beijing, Tokyo, Berlin, and Singapore.

For more information, contact James Curran at editor@agepmusic.com.


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Nic Jackson is at the prime of his life. With no need for a stage name, the breakthrough artist stands above the rest with his soulful voice, breathtaking melodies, and tasteful instrumentation. He attributes his music style to legends such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, Tower of Power, Brian McKnight, Sharon Jackson (his mother) and his Aunt Janice Marie Johnson of the Grammy Award-winning group, A Taste of Honey. Nic applies his inspiration to being genuine within his music and his performances. His lyrics portray life through his eyes. As each situation moves him, Nic incorporates his own life lessons into his music to reach out to his listeners.

Nic has dedicated his life to his passion, and is now focusing on his songwriting, live performances, and getting his music heard.

Since September of 2005, Nic Jackson has been based in Los Angeles, California. While living in L.A., Jackson has wasted no time achieving his musical aspirations. From 2005 to 2007, Jackson went to Musicians Institute where he studied vocals and piano. While studying at MI, Nic started performing around town with his newly formed band at various venues in and around L.A. such as Malia in Santa Monica, The Knitting factory, The Vine Street Lounge, The Gig, The Joint, The Derby, El Cid, Howl at The Moon, BB King’s, and many others. When not headlining his own shows, Nic can be found performing with various entertainment agencies, singing at holiday parties, corporate events, and weddings. Nic has also been seen as an entertainer at Universal Studios Hollywood, which has allowed him to gain exposure and experience. Nic Jackson utilizes every opportunity he has to let the community hear the gift of music that he’s been given.

Some other awards and accomplishments of Mr. Jackson include a national Mazda commercial that aired on Monday Night Football, an appearance at the renowned Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, he performed onstage with the legendary Stevie Wonder at his annual House Full of Toys Christmas Concert at the Nokia Theatre. Nic was asked to perform as a background singer for the very talented singer/actress, Naturi Naughton (Notorious, Fame, 3OW) on Entertainment Tonight. Most recently, Mr Jackson finished recording a vocal spot for a national McDonald’s campaign.

Whether it’s singing his own songs, singing for other people, composing at the piano, or acting on a Hollywood set, Nic Jackson is a performer and a worker. Nic continuously gives his all to being as real as the music that he produces. His ultimate goal is touching generations of listeners with his work and seeing his hits played long after their first release.

NIC’S NEW SINGLE “Ain’t Good For Me” AVAILABLE on iTunes!!

Play: http://www.reverbnation.com/tunepak/3533428


Join us for an unforgettable birthday 4th annual Arnold G’s Birthday celebration for Sandra Dee Manoukian and Arnold G birthday!
Arnold Garcia Birthday Bash *********** RED CARPET – INVITATION ONLY! ***********


MEDIA COVERAGE BY: Diversity News TV, Diversity News Magazine, Jeff Knight Photography and many more.

Join us for an unforgettable birthday 4th annual Arnold G’s Birthday celebration for Sandra Dee Manoukian and Arnold G birthday!
“The purpose of this 4th year annual Birthday bash, is to get everyone together
to celebrate our lives; having all of you in my life is what I’m thankful for.”….Arnold G

AIDS Project Los AngelesSince its inception in 1985, AIDS Walk Los Angeles has benefited AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA), an AIDS service organization dedicated to: improving the lives of people affected by HIV disease; reducing the incidence of HIV infection; and advocating for fair and effective HIV–related public policy. AIDS Walk Los Angeles makes it possible for APLA to provide urgently needed food, dental care, safe housing, and much more to people with HIV/AIDS who also face poverty, hunger, and homelessness. APLA also runs the county’s largest network of HIV prevention programs to end the epidemic in Los Angeles. www.aidswalk.net

About Diversity News Team #3960:
Diversity News team was created and establish by Esteban aka Steven Escobar. The group’s purpose and mission is to give back to the community and to help raise funds for AIDS education, awareness, prevention and medicine research. From 2003 to the present, Diversity News Team #3960 has been recruiting members to walk the 10k (6.2 mile) main event and to raise money for AIDS Walk LA benefiting AIDS Project Los Angeles and other non profit organizations in the Los Angeles County.

Date: November 26, 2011
Time: 7:00pm – 12 Midnight
Location: 2590 Greenvalley Road, Los Angeles, CA 90046

Host and Performer: Irene Soderberg http://www.imirene.com/index.html

Performers: Marion Ramsey, Actess & Singer
Performers: Singer & Songwriter
Performers: Jill McDonald (Winner Top-5 of BringItOn! singing contest)
Performers: Nic Jackson, R&B Singer & Songwriter
Performers: Genesis Ian, Pop/Rock Singer & Songwriter
Jen Youngs, Pop/Rock Singer & Songwriter
Davis Delton, Percussionist
Rob EC, Dance, Pop Singer & Songwriter
Sabine, Pianist
Clent Bowers , Broadway Vocalist

**** Special Guest Grammy Ballot-Nominee will be peforming. Name will be annouced at the event. ****

Jeff Knight http://www.jeffknightphotography.com/

Steven Curtis, Hollywood Photographer (Host)


A&G Records Music 
Arnold G http://arnoldg.com/
Diversity News Magazine
World Wide Vital Marketing & Public Relations Inc.

Food and snacks will be served. B.Y.O.B.

Upon receiving your reservation, a confirmation will be sent to the email address provided. Due to high demand and limited space capacity, please note that seating is not guaranteed. If you are adding guest, please submit your guest’s name here.

Shine On! Hollywood: A Music Showcase;”Artists Meet The Industry” A Big Success – Los Angeles events | Examiner.com

A&G Entertainment Productions announced on Saturday, June 5, 2010 due to popular demand SHINE ON 2 Hollywood: A Music Showcase; “Artists Meet The Industry” will be held on July 15, 2010 from 5:30pm to 10:00pm at the Celebrity Center in Hollywood, CA.

Also they announced the official release of SHINE ON Hollywood: A Music Showcase; “Artists Meet The Industry” DVD available now at Http://:www.agentertainmentproductions.com

“What got accomplished through ShineOn was even more than I had originally envisioned. The result was amazing!!!!! 4 out of 10 artists are now awaiting signature by various record labels. That result alone is deeply rewarding, and has me looking optimistically towards the future, and to the encore salute of ShineOn part 2 on July 15th. AGEP will continue to focus it’s effort and energy in Hollywood by creating awareness through this difference making venue. It is our intention to continue providing this incredible structure for the many artists who deserve our attention. Cheer from Hollywood!” said Arnold G, Creator, Director and Producer, ShineOn!

More on ShineOn-1 Season 1, 2010 at Examiner.com: Shine On! Hollywood: A Music Showcase;”Artists Meet The Industry” A Big Success – Los Angeles events | Examiner.com.