Shine On Hollywood Monthly Magazine Testimonials

“Arnold G, “wow you have done it again!” I have watched you grow in the Entertainment Business for many years, you have always been such a hard and dedicated worker that has Helped many on the way! I am Very Proud of you and your New “Online Entertainment Magazine” which is much needed to keep the World informed of what’s happening today in our Entertainment World “THANK YOU”! Keep up the great work and you will always be in our prayers!”
— James Sultzer- Celebrity Ent./Mgmt

  “Kudos to Arnold G. and the successful launch of the Shine On Hollywood magazine!  It takes a lot of time, effort and dedication to establish an online magazine covering the arts, pop culture, talent and inter-workings of the entertainment industry.  I personally look forward to viewing many more issues in the future.  Hats off to Shine on Hollywood!”
— Brent Harvey,  Executive Producer, Hollywood Music in Media Awards

“My quote would be ” You are good enough to be yourself in the position where you stand. There is value in wanting to become the best version of yourself! I’m an ordinary young woman from Taunton, Massachusetts, with an extraordinary dream! And they have come true because I represent the only person I know how to be…myself” And you can quote me on that!  Thank you Arnold G.
–Kristen Commodore, Musician, Love Light Music Group, LLC

 “Arnold G is one of the hardest working talents that I know.  Online Entertainment Magazine provides in depth information & interviews with people that have achieved a level of excellence in their category in the entertainment industry.  Congratulations  go out to you, and  for all of your hard work on this beautiful and informative magazine. We look forward to reading future issues soon!  Good Luck.”
–Marion Ramsey, Sgt. Laverne Hooks from Police Academy Movie

“Your creativity , perseverance , the hard work and diligence you put into every project you undertake and specially your commitment to help others make you. a winner.”
— Asha Puthli, The Legendary Recording Artist

“A champion in the music industry – who despite all odds makes things happen , brings change and makes a difference to many in the music industry.”
— Jesse Dorado, A&G Records

“Way to go Arnold!! Your cutting edge vision and commitment to service the entertainment industry through technological innovation is absolutely inspiring.  Your new on-line magazine is stunningly beautiful!!  Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!”
—  Tom Emberson, President  IRS



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