About Shine On Magazine

Our Mission:

Shine On Hollywood Magazine is dedicated to creating positive and meaningful change to readers by providing  information from qualified industry professionals.

About Shine On Hollywood Magazine:

Shine On Hollywood Magazine is a monthly online International magazine, division of A&G Entertainment Productions (AGEP). The magazine focused on celebrities and regular working class in a publication targets a more general audience.

The magazine is a division of AGEP in advertising, marketing and design. The magazine also provides a showcase of the best ideas across all areas of consumer culture, an exploration of the techniques behind the work and insight into the people and trends shaping the industry. Shine On Hollywood Magazine provides the industry’s foremost creative meeting place – with a monthly showcase, news, opinion, analysis and audience feedback.

Shine On Hollywood Magazine is published in a unique Dual Digital Platform. It is available free of charge online in both HTML and flash versions. “Over the past few years, we have learned that some online readers prefer the static HTML version, while others like the flash version where you can actually flip pages like a print magazine,” Arnold Garcia, Chief in Editor. I can be accessed in either HTML or flash by visiting http://www.agepmusic.com/shineonmagazine.

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