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A&R Challenge

However, 99% of the music on social networks is junk. Many songs poorly written and poorly executed. This overcrowding (or “noise”) makes it harder for talented musicians to get spotted (because it makes it harder for Artist Repertoire (A&R) to do their job. The A&R do more than simply find new talent for the record label; they also have to manage their current roster, which means they need to manage their time very carefully. Browsing through a million ‘potential’ hit songs or listening to one thousand unsolicited demos is a challenge and demands an extraordinary amount of time.

The A&R will naturally go to some websites like A&G Entertainment Productions (AGEP) by inadvertently helping A&R reduce noise or by simplifying the search for new talent. In a nutshell, it basically comes down to the artist bouncing around from idea to idea wasting time, money, and energy without any real or measurable progress by:

  • Spending thousands of dollars on recording without the guidance of an experienced producer or engineer.
  • Printing thousands of CDs without a clear plan about how to sell them or who to sell them to.
  • Booking shows and tours with little or no fan base to support them.

Most of this lack of progress can often be attributed to the fact that these artists have not developed a clear vision or plan for their future. They hope that talent or luck will be the key to success, when in reality hard work, determination, and focus are more important.

If you are not committed to winning, to going all the way and leaning embracing whatever opposing forces meet you in your journey, you simply won’t survive. It’s as simple as that. Other artists, musicians, or songwriters who are more determined will push you aside and fly past you. So the question is, how can you succeed as an artist?

A&R Responsibility

The A&R is responsible for discovering new recording artists and bringing them to the record company. We understand the current taste of the market and are able to find artists that will be commercially successful.

Overseeing the recording process

A&R oversees the recording process. This includes helping the artist to schedule time in the recording studio and advising the artist on all aspects of making a high quality recording. They work with the artist to choose the best songs (i.e. repertoire) to record. For artists who do not write their own music, A&R will assist in finding songs and songwriters for these artists.

As the record nears completion, the A&R works closely with the artist to determine if the record is acceptable to the record company. This may include suggesting that new songs be written or that some tracks be re-recorded. A key issue is whether the album has a single: a particular track which can be used to market the record on the radio.


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