Voting & Other Rules

The Judging Process
After every performance, the judges will score the contestants on a 5 point scale. We recognize the chance of human error and thus encourage our judges to “respect the scale”. A 5 does not equal great, it equals perfection. For sound you need to factor in pitch, rhythm, lyric accuracy, and how good it sounds. Showmanship is more flexible as some songs call for high energy and others are very somber.  Judges should be aware of the intended message of the song and how well that message is conveyed to the audience.

The Elimination Process
Between judge scores, audience votes and text votes, the elimination of contestants will be announced every following week.  How to save you without going home? Even though the judge’s scores are low, audience participation have a lot of influences to help save you. Audience participation does help.

Weekly Genre Schedule

Week # Date  Genre
1 Open Genre
2 R&B
3 Country
4 Rock
5 Broadway / Dance
6 (Finale) 70’s

You may bring your CD and pick your song per genre (original or cover). Song must be reviewed by AGEP music supervisor before live performance.

We encourage spirited competition but the spirit of the league is that of social based competition.  This etiquette carries over from the performances to the judging. Here are a few guidelines.

•  Distractions – When someone is performing, please give them your attention. Excessive talking will result in a warning. A 2nd warning will result in a 5 point deduction. This also applies to singing along loudly with the performer. This is their moment to shine, not yours.

• Costumes and Dress Code – We strongly encourage costumes. Branding yourself will help increase your score from the judges.  Also, costume changes need to be done ahead of time.

Further Rules

1 ) Each contestant is responsible for providing their own discs for competition. There will be a selection of CD available for contestant use during contest rounds. It is contestant’s responsibility for writing the correct number/track down for your song selection. If incorrect information is written on your song card points will be deducted from your score. Points deducted will not exceed 3 points per judge.

2 ) All top 12 contestants will sing on the first week. No contestants will be eliminated until next following. The following elimination for 6 weeks as follow:

Week One
Song: 1
Genre: tbd
Contestants: 12
Elimination Process: None

Week Two
Song: 1
Genre: tbd
Contestants: 12
Elimination Process: 2

Week Three
Song: 1
Genre: tbd
Contestants: 10
Elimination Process: 2
Workshop: Fashion Audition for Branding

Week Four
Song: 1
Genre: tbd
Contestants: 8
Elimination Process: 2
Workshop: Stage  & Vocal Coaching

Week Five
Song: 2
Genre: tbd
Contestants: 6
Elimination Process: 2
Workshop: Paring for Duet

Week Six – FINALE
Song: 1 plus Duet
Genre: tbd
Contestants: 4
Elimination Process: 3
Winner: 1

3) At times contestants will not appear at their prescribed time to perform, thus eliminating them from that round of competition. When this occurs it speeds up the contest process, thus changing the order of appearance time for contestants due to compete. It is the contestant’s responsibility to be present when his or her number is called for competition regardless of the estimated and posted start time. Contestants who do not appear when their number is called will receive a zero for that round of competition. It is suggested that contestants be in the showroom 30 minutes prior to your posted competition time. Contestants must have their song and disc turned into Stage Manager emcee’s two songs prior to their performance.

4 ) Decisions of the judges are final.

5 ) Any contestant, family member or associates who argue the decision of the judges may be considered unruly and the contestant may be disqualified from advancing in competition. Should the argument concerning the judged outcome of a final event, and the contestant be awarded a prize that contestant may be stripped of the prize and such prize awarded to another contestant.

6 ) Contestants, their family or associates who exhibit offensive behavior during any portion of the contest will disqualify that contestant from further competition. If the contestant, their family or associates exhibit offensive behavior after the contestant has competed, and such behavior, even after the winners are announced, that contestants score will be nullified. If the contestant whose score has been nullified is a winning contestant, the next contestant in scoring position for that particular category shall be the winner. It will not be the responsibility of AGEP or any of its representatives to recover any money or prize awarded a contestant who is later disqualified or found to be ineligible following the final event and decision of the judges.

7 ) AGEP will have present, during all phases of the BringItOn contest, a representative to answer a complaint concerning BringItOn competitions. No AGEP representative shall answer a complaint concerning the outcome of a judged event.

8 ) Complaints, not made in person, concerning any breach of AGEP rules must be made in writing and sent by registered mail to: AGEP Music, (Address). A complaint must reach the AGEP office no later than (DATE) to be considered for action. Such complaint should include all relevant facts concerning such complaint. If the complaint concerns the eligibility of a winning contestant the complaint must include relevant documents. Any statements of fact are to be notarized, including statements by witnesses.

9 ) Contest prize money will be paid immediately following the announcement of winners. Any complaint found to be valid concerning the disqualification of a winning contestant will not constitute a right of the contestant next in line to advance or receive additional prize payment until the disqualified contestant has returned such money or prize awarded. It will not be the responsibility of AGEP or any of its representatives to recover any money or prize awarded a contestant who is later disqualified or found to be ineligible following the final event and decision of the judges.

10) No prize money to the winner without meeting the AGEP contract guidelines. Each contestant must bring minimum of 10 fans weekly regardless of the number of contestants entered for each week. Each week, AGEP cashier will tally up how many fans each contestants bring.



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