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WELCOME Singers!

BringItOn is a 6-week singing competition mentoring program for young talent which encourages performers to develop their love of singing, vocal styling, branding and stage presence.

BringItOn! enhances contestants individual skills and provides an opportunity to perform at ShineOn “Artist Meets The Industry”.

The mentoring program will help them:

  1. Feel confident about themselves;
  2. Be more committed to learning the business aspect of the music industry; and
  3. Understand the importance being an artist.

On the 3th week of the competition, the top 8 contestants will be coaching on fashion and branding themselves “Fashion Audition” workshop.

On the 4th week of the competition, the top 6 contestants will be attending the course for a Stage Coaching workshop. This includes vocal coaching and performance training to enhance contestant’s self-expression and stage presence.

On the 5th week of singing competition, the last 4 contestants will be selected to match it with their mentors by couching the mentees on singing, performance and ability to partner up.

On the 6th week, both artist and contestant are due to do a duet on the FINALE night.

AGEP mentoring program development and support; mentor/mentee training and match support.

“Singing is about expression and originality, and, by going through this singing competition, you will have the opportunity to build on these skills, improve their lives and understanding the world from a new perception.” …Arnold G, Director & Producer


Eligibility Criteria For Contestants
Voting & Other Rules
Singing Tips


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