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ShineOn! Hollywood “Artist Meets The Industry”

AGEP will provide production support – sound system, lighting, technical and stage equipment, and personnel – according to established professional norms. The ARTIST agree to accept, without complain, the technical and stage equipment and personnel provided by AGEP. Any additional technical requirements will be the responsibility of the ARTIST.

For all works presented as part of a showcase, each ARTIST will have a 15-munites period for set-up and rehearsal on stage, in addition to a pre-set-up period backstage, both to be scheduled by AGEP.

AGEP has the sole right to oversee and manage the performances. All scenery set-up and equipment handling must be carried out under the supervision of the stage manager appointed by AGEP. An official representative designated by the ARTIST participating in a showcase must be present backstage and maintain contact with stage management.

Changes between performance excerpts (exit and entrance of material on stage) must take no longer than 5-munites. A maximum period of minutes is allowed for each ARTIST’S performance excerpt are: SOLO, 15-munites and BAND, 20-munites.  AGEP will, at all times, control the electrical supply for lighting and sound as well as the sound level and lighting operation.


Solo ARTIST, CD of your songs
Band ARTIST, all instrumentals necessary


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