How Effective Is Social Networking?

How effective Is Social Networking?

Over the past twenty years, the landscape of the music industry has fundamentally changed.  A new generation of social networks is giving artists access to an array of promotional publicity services, Music professionals throughout the internet are welcoming the future of music, an age where we are experiencing the birth of a Do It Yourself (DIY) generation of musical artists who will be bound only by the limits of the imagination, and are free to create and market music in entirely new ways.

Yes, the social networks provide far reaching opportunities for musicians; the only trouble is they don’t work for the overwhelming majority of bands and aspiring artists. Critical mass and huge opportunity creates overcrowding like Who actually thought that having a million friends was a good thing? Despite the fact those friends were all musicians who only ‘friended’ so that they could get more ‘friends’ for themselves.  A large proportion of musicians use social networks to build a fan base and launch their own careers.


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