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Singing Audition: The Song and the Outfit

You want to be a singer. Who knows? You might be just a step away from stardom. But before you realize you’re just daydreaming, realize that it’s not all going to be easy and you have to work hard to achieve your dreams. You’ll be experiencing a lot of hardships and frustrations, but never give up.

Aside from the constant practice, you need to run through the scariest part before you reach your gateway to music stardom, the singing audition. Just imagining the faces of your jurors, gives chill to your entire body. But you can always overcome that. Never give up on your dream even if you have to face your greatest fears. Courage and confidence are part of the game. So, what’s next? In the simplest way, you can dictate your fortune and pass the audition. How? By choosing the right song and the right outfit.

The big, wide world of the music offers a lot of choices for the genre you like. That’s great, but that wide selection gives headaches when choosing the right song. Just imagine you have to select from millions of songs. That’s very time-consuming. Worse, you might just pick the wrong song.

If you ask the judges what matters most when a singer shows up to an audition, most will tell you that the singer needs to “be prepared” Of course, being on time is usually a positive bonus as well.

It should be obvious, but it’s surprising how many singers make a bad impression with something as simple as inappropriate behavior. You have to keep in mind that judges already have the job, you don’t. So you need to prove yourself to them, not the other way around. Some suggestions from judges include things like avoid unnecessary chit-chat. Don’t linger in the room for too long after you sing.

A feeling of desperation is another sure way not to get a callback. Keep calm and collected, you don’t want to come off as if you’re begging or pleading. Consider each audition an opportunity or a chance to perform for an audience. Or walk into the audition saying, “No matter what happens, I’ll do the best I can today.” The judges are not here to judge you harshly; he or she simply wants to find the perfect person for the job. Give yourself the best opportunity possible.

Sometimes singers will seek out singing coaches to prepare them for an audition. Don’t over prepare though, you want to retain a substantial amount of flexibility. The bottom line is that you don’t know exactly what the judges are looking for unless is it very specific. The judges will often ask you to sing differently, if you’ve become set in your ways about how you’re singing, it will be difficult to change. Be comfortable with what you’re doing, but be prepared to change.

Guidelines to follow when auditioning:

  1. Always know what you are auditioning for.
  2. Arrive thirty minutes prior to the audition time; this will allow ample time to check in and warm up, check out your competition.
  3. Bring at least 1 photo and resumes. Photo should reflect current physical likeness (should always be updated!)
  4. Do not chew gum (all judges hate it)
  5. When attending callbacks, always wear the same attire worn at audition. Try to do everything you did the first time because it has already worked during the first audition.
  6. Be confident, smile, always have a positive attitude.
  7. Act excited about everything you asked to do.
  8. Perform your best acapella only.
  9. Choose the song you are familiar with. Forget about the lyrics. You know them anyway. When you choose the song to which you are familiar with, you will have more time to practice on the tone, melody, or your performance. A familiar song can also boost your confidence because you know it already and you don’t have to worry for some what ifs.
  10. Fit for your voice. Only a few people have the aspect called flexible voice. But even these people have their genre of specialization. Choosing just the song familiar with you but not suitable for the voice you have may just ruin the entire performance. Even if your confidence is at an all time high, you’ll fail the audition just because it doesn’t fit your voice. Find a song that perfectly fits your voice. This song may be the one that is not so fast or not too slow for you, or is not so high or so low for you. Choose the song that sounds perfectly when you sing it.

Some Other Things To Keep In Mind

When you already have chosen the song for your performance, the next big thing you should think of is your outfit. What should you wear for the audition? The very basic rule for this is: wear yourself. Just be yourself. Have a comfortable outfit when you’re going through an audition. Remember that you are not the sole participant in the audition. That means, you could be waiting for so long before your turn comes in.

However, you should also consider the purpose of the audition.  Have the outfit that tells: I’m the one you need. Make sure you feel very attractive with the outfit you will wear.

So there. Hope you could reach your dream. Just bear in mind that nothing is too hard for a determined person. Make your dreams a reality. And lastly, relax so you’d never mess up during singing auditions.

Free Singing Tips

  1. Do not hold your breath while singing. Airflow shapes and supports your vocal instrument tone – keep the airflow strong. Do not breath from your stomach, breathefrom the bottom of your lungs – your diaphragm. (diaphragmatic breathing).
  2. Listen for the note intervals in your head before singing them. Don’t guess at a pitch.
  3. Strengthen your abdomen, back and rib muscles to gain powerful singing strength. Situps or repetition of an abdomen strength training machine like an “ablounge” isbest. Remember to keep your back straight and shoulders down in a relaxed position.
  4. Experiment with different music styles. Each type of music creates alternate vocal inflections which will give you well rounded versatility.
  5. Sell your singing message and song emotion to your audience. Mistakes will be made in any performance. Sing through any errors – sell it like you mean it.
  6. Keep your vocal chords elastic. Vocal folds are muscles that need to be worked properly and maintained. The oscillation of the vocal chords is easier to control whenused properly. Exercise your vocal chords on a regular workout schedule.
  7. Don’t smoke, don’t yell, don’t talk too much.


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