So you wanna be an artist?

All you want to do is sing your songs… but instead you’re spending time finding musicians, negotiating contracts with studios, assembling artist packages, and getting doors slammed in your face by record labels that don’t take unsolicited materials.

Stop being ignored and get noticed with help from the A&G Entertainment Productions (AGEP) team.

Your career and life as an artist has to be designed. The hardest part about designing an artist life plan is getting started. At first, the scope may seem massive and the implications can feel daunting, but don’t become intimidated – it’s an important step.

You must design and adopt a paradigm of principles that will bring you more happiness and success than you could ever imagine. But in order for you to design something, you need to know exactly what you are dealing with and what you intend to achieve.

Take advantage of an exciting association of music business professionals who have been organized to help singers and songwriters achieve their goals. AGEP removes the guesswork by hiring pre-qualified experts to produce the best possible product for your needs and budget.

At AGEP, we are professionals with years of experience who can take you to the next level. We will help begin designing your artist life plan.  Our proven “Solution + Result = Success” formula for artist and product development can help you know where you are and what it will take to quickly move you to the next.

We offer one Free evaluation (1 hour worth $150) of your vocal and/or songwriting talent.

(If you are a pro and ready, please submit your EPK to AGEP A&R Department at for consideration).



AGEP team offers expertise in almost every facet of the music industry, including:

  • song selection
  • song writing
  • demo recording
  • song plugging
  • vocal coaching
  • branding / image consulting
  • stage consulting
  • electronic press kits


Our team encompasses a large number of music professionals:

  • The top achievement Songwriters
  • The top achievement Producers
  • The top achievement Recording Studios
  • The top achievement Musicians
  • The top achievement Image Consultants
  • The top achievement Vocal Coaches
  • The top achievement Photographers
  • The top achievement Fashion Designers
  • The top achievements Make up Artists
  • and all of the others who can help make an artist a star.

AGEP is where you get it all. Bring us your talent and we’ll take the mystery out of how stars are made. It’s all about teamwork: a well organized and comprehensive effort by creative and talented professionals that come to your service in a synchronized fashion.

We also offer lessons in Piano, Saxophone, Flute, Guitar, Drum, Bass and Dance classes.

Learn from our team of experts who have intensive experience in this area and are accomplished at helping artists. Affordable lessons for all ages and abilities are available.


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