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Arnold Garcia

Arnold Garcia aka Arnold G, a member of The Recording Academy, was raised in Camarillo, California. He is a recording artist, songwriter, dancer, performer and music producer. He is the founder of A&G Entertainment Productions (AGEP) in Hollywood, California.

AGEP has been successful in offering undiscovered talent (musicians and artists) the opportunity to embark on a professional career path in the entertainment industry. AGEP’s goal is to help growing talent to overcome the numerous obstacles they encounter and to assist them in developing skill sets in all areas of the industry so they can rise to the top.

Arnold wants to help other artists make it big in the industry, so he created and developed  “Local Celebrity LA”, “ShineOn” and “BringItOn” programs to let artists perform and compete for the opportunity to be mentored by a major recording artist. Eventually, the winner will be awarded a recording contract with a major record label or through A&G Records Music. Thus, the artists have to know more about everything in running their own ‘business’ today and to integrate all levels of knowledge, applications, competition, strategies and information into comprehensive communication packages to brand, sell and manage their talent. AGEP recognizes that the entertainment industry is changing the way in which one hires talent and will help talent learn all the facets of how to become successful.

About me
Arnold G

Specialties: creating, directing, developing, branding, mentoring and managing musicians / artists

Jesse Dorado
Vice President

JesseDorado is a passionate real-time guy that has quickly become an important part of our family.

He is a natural in the entertainment world. With his savvy and tenure he contributes to our team with ease and proficiency have become dependent on him and look to him for counsel and guidance in the world of entertainment.

He brings with him a deep understanding of managing and client relationship that is a critical part of our system challenges and with it soul and nobility, a perfect cultural fit for A&G Entertainment Productions

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