“I was pleased to participate in the Shine On Showcase on May 20th and see, hear and meet some talented artists.  Our organization, the Hollywood Music In Media Awards, makes it a point to support and attend such events as this one that offer opportunities for emerging artists.  Kudos to Arnold G and the Shine On Showcase!”
—Brent Harvey, Hollywood Music in Media Awards

“I was truly amazed by the unique and spectacular presentation of all the artists. It was a personal thrill for me to see what Arnold created out of nothing more than his vision to make a difference for the young, and undiscovered in Hollywood. It was a magical evening of non-stop entertainment.  A true joy to witness the self expression of all involved.”
Tom Emberson, President, IRIS

“In the ever evolving music industry, more on more artists are endeavoring to be seen. Having worked in the industry for 20 years. I was delighted to Hear and meet some very talented young singers, at the Shine On!  competition created and produced by Arnold G on May 20th. Arnold did an exemplary job showcasing fresh and unique talent. Bravo!”
–Irene Soderberg, Legendary JAZZ & SOUL Recording Artist

“I went into this not expecting what it ended up to be.  I was blown away by most of the talent and think that Arnold G did a GREAT job putting this together.  It was well organized and didn’t contain any ‘gaps’ which can lose a person’s interest real fast.  Anyone who wants to see some up and coming talent needs to attend the next event!  Shine On  did just what the title says!”
– Gary Spears, KISS FM

“It was great seeing so much young talent showcased at Shine On. It was a wonderful opportunity for young vocalists to express themselves and for an enthusiastic audience to appreciate them.”
–Allan Rich, Songwriter & Music Composer

“It was a great experience to be a part of the “ShineOn!” Showcase – actually, they should be calling it the ShineOn! Experience, as that is what it is!!! A wild ride through fearless performers -putting it all on the line for both the audience and Industry Professionals. Truly  a great experience!  Performance – Delivered!  A great job from the performers & Arnold G!”
– Michael Kelly, Universal Music / Multi-Platinum Record Producer & Remixer

“What we accomplished through ShineOn was even more than I had originally envisioned. The results were simply amazing!!!!! 4 out of 10 artists are now under consideration by several well-known record labels. That result alone is deeply rewarding and has me looking optimistically towards the future to ShineOn-Part 2. AGEP will continue providing this incredible experience for the many artists who deserve this long overdue recognition.”
…Arnold G, Creator, Director and Producer, ShineOn!

“I think that “Shine On” is a wonderful event for upcoming artists! It gives one the tools needed to go from being a good artist to a Great Artist!  I am very honor that I could be a part of “Shine On” Arnold G has started something that could World-wide.. Anything that will enhance my talent like “Shine On” I would definitely do it again.”
–”Latonius J. Earl”, Recording Artist

 “I had an amazing time performing at the shine on showcase. It was a great experience and I would love to do it again.”
— Adrian Jaime Reyes, Artist

“I think the event was inspiring. It is always great to sing on a stage and feel the exhilaration that comes from that.  I felt like we were all a team that night cheering each other on as we performed our songs.”
— Stefani Scovolo, Recording Artist/ Songwriter 

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