A&G Entertainment Productions (AGEP – Music) began operations in January 2006. AGEP has been successful in offering undiscovered talent (musicians and artists) the opportunity to embark on a professional career path in the entertainment industry. AGEP’s goal is to help growing talent to overcome the numerous obstacles they encounter and to assist them in developing skill sets in all areas of the industry so they can rise to the top. The music industry is shifting toward a more entertainment‐oriented DIY (Do it Yourself) society thanks to the advent of the internet, endless technological resources, tools and social networking. The venues appeal to four major market segments that are young professionals, college students, tourists, business travelers and senior citizens. AGEP is ready to help talented artists succeed in this challenging and changing music industry.

AGEP is engaged in development, marketing and distribution as a one‐stop‐shop service solution and its corporate headquarters encompasses three separate divisions named Bring It On, Shine On and A& G Records Music. The concept of A&G Entertainment Productions (AGEP) is to provide an entertainment, an education, and a solution house in Hollywood, CA. The establishment will provide live entertainment, singing contests, showcases, industry solutions, seminars, fund raising events, community‐based courses in music and the arts, merchandise and educational services for the Hollywood and Los Angeles areas. AGEP’s plan is to develop amateur artists’ talents primarily through a point system that will assist the artist on industry knowledge and preparation. The points are earned points achieved through an internship that will provide mentorship, networking, exposure, branding and growth. Through this system the artist will learn to EARN his fan base, build a reputable business, give back to the community and mentor others to stay proactive, positive and real.

AGEP’s 3 divisions are as follows:

1) BringInOn – Bring In On Los Angeles is a six‐week singing competition mentoring program for young talent that encourages performers to develop their love of singing, vocal styling, branding, and stage presence. Bring It On will enhance contestant’s individual skills and provide an opportunity to perform at ShineOn‐3 “Artists Meet the Industry” showcase. The event is “Live,” e‐video streamed worldwide, gathers text votes, red carpet exposure and photography. This mentoring program helps them feel more confident, be more committed to learning the business aspects of the music industry and helps them understand the importance of being a great artist.

The contestants are coached on fashion and branding by participating in “Fashion Audition” workshops, stage coaching workshops, vocal coaching and performance training to enhance contestants’ selfexpression, stage presence and fan building. They will be selected to collaborate with their mentors by teaching the artists on singing, performance and ability to partner. Both artist and contestant will perform a duet on the FINALE night.

2) ShineOn – Shine On Hollywood is a unique grassroots music showcase specifically designed for the unsigned indie artist, band or musician to perform together on one stage. The best local unsigned artists will be able to showcase their talents in Hip Hop, R&B, Urban, Rock, Country and Dance style categories in front of conference attendees and a panel of music industry experts to gain maximum exposure for a minimal fee. The event is a “Live,” e‐video streamed across the world, with many music industry executives in the audience to review the solo and band performances possibly offering additional career opportunities. AGEP helps to choose the’ best of the best’ by listening to music on‐line and by attending showcases or live performances where the talents of the artists can be heard. Shine On is a program designed to help an artist understand the music industry and how to become motivated by instilling a sense of responsibility for their careers. Shine On provides marketing tools which allow a ‘hands on’ experience from the start, like learning how to sell their own event tickets, for example, etc.

AGEP’s goal is to provide an outlet where independent artists will have the ability to perform live in front of major labels, booking agencies, management and production companies, music attorneys and others in the industry. The artist is scored by the panelists (industry professionals) on their singing technique, performance, creativity, audience connection, comfort, appearance and creativity. Panelists will provide comments on each artist.

3) A&G REDCORDS MUSIC ‐ A&G Records Music (AGRM) will capitalize on the growing entertainment market all around the world through the production and promotion of high quality entertainment. Located in Los Angeles, CA, AGRM will provide solutions to record companies and other music partners seeking top artists, productions, compositions and linked music services. AGRM will also offer a proactive approach by partnering up with the best music producers, songwriters and artists and offer them high‐end, one‐stop‐shop service for all genres through the sale of pre‐recorded music products and ancillary profit centers. AGRM works with a third party for song productions and controls the master copies, copyrights and licenses of its product. This will enable AGRM to create immediate revenue streams while growing its music catalog into a multi‐million dollar asset collection and pay writers and publishers through the royalty business model.

The target market for AGRM Records is very diverse and clearly targets the intended market, based on listening preferences and music genres. AGRM has distribution lines in the United States, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, and South America, and therefore, targets the citizens of those countries. AGRM will utilize the success of its prerecorded music to develop profit centers in independent distribution, merchandise and concert promotion.

The corporate company, AGEP, will generate sales through eleven revenue streams that comprise the company’s products and services in membership fees, educational courses, ticket sales, CDs and MP3 download sales, licensing, artist demo videos, artist solution packages (that includes branding, training, recording, mastering, marketing and more), food and beverage, Gate/entertainment and merchandising. The goal is to be profitable within the first year and to build strong sponsor relationships.

Start‐up expenses include funds for contractors, website development & maintenance, public relations, publicity, marketing, sales, research and development, business travel, rentals and business supplies and equipment.

The AGEP Music internship is non‐paying and has three components: education, experience and examination. In return for successful completion of the internship, along with being assigned to a mentor, interns receive a complimentary one‐year membership in AGEP Music. Also, for every hour intern work, they earn 2 points toward their startup AGEP package. Each customized package is valued in a points value system. For example, a basic package includes: CONSULTING FOR ARTIST, to strengthen their direction, promotions package, presentation, strategic planning and more. SOUNDTRACK

PROMOTIONS, to promote their music for movie soundtracks, TV shows, video games, commercials and other media exposure. PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS, to produce branding, materials, advertising, posters, business cards and more. PRINTING, to print materials.

AGEP will offer educational courses in music and the arts to the community in: Music: Drums, Percussion; Bass, Piano, Sax, Clarinet, Flute, Voice, Brass, Strings, Guitar and Group. Classes: Jazz, Latin, R&B and Private Lessons. Dance: Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Swing and Hip‐Hop. Stage Coaching: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced. Workshops: Master Class Workshops, Personal Financial Planning for Musicians and Personal. Financial Planning: for Individuals, Releasing a CD, a master class with a big star and Vocal Workshops. Stage Workshops.

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